yes that's right, I am underage, but it doesn't mean youre always right

I have never been this confused before.

So, it's like I have applied to some colleges and univ in outside this country, and now, when it's nearly the announcement day, Dad is being such a melodramatic..dad. (it looks like this to me) gaah! He said that it's not that easy to let me go for several years, to the unknown place, while I -in his opinion- am only his little daughter who can't do anything at all. And with all these shits happening, he left me confused with this coming results (Mercyhurst, Wesleyan, and other Indo univs like President, Bakrie, ITB and all). What is wrong with him?

He indicated that he will not let me go, but he supports all the things I need to the applications, financial stuff, and he wants me to do well in the interview. But he's always saying that I am not ready yet to live all by myself, to do everything alone, to blablhablah. He said that I have to prove him that he's wrong. and today, he just said 'you don't prove anything' omg if only I could scream. :|

Plus, with all these exams and shits, and every single thing that comes to my mind, I am so tired and confused and, and, and dang it's so overwhelming and I don't think I know how to face it!!!!!

Yep I'm know supposed to study (got this book in my hand already) but I -with my normal brain- choose to updating my blog. Thanks for reading!

not really...