and the quotes go on

"If they know how funny we are, we'd be accepted in the first place!"
- Dziep

"Can we just hug?"
- Me to Caitlin, err, farewell

"You have beautiful eyes"
- Tomoka

"What movie are you watching? Horror?" Me
"Knock knock" Me
"Nevermind" -Dziep

"Why are you talking Malaysian?"
- Farah

Random guy : Are you Malaysian?
Me : No, I'm Indonesian
Ashleigh : Really? I thought you're Indian

"Are you stupid or something?"
- Iya

"I wish I was special"
- Me. Re-tweeted by many people

"I have no respect for people with currency in their names. kedollarha"
- Gita

"His mum bought him condoms with flavours"
- Kaitlyn

"Because you don't know how it feels when your genital is bleeding!"
- Yasmin, to the boys

"I was blablablabalbala (telling story)"
"Okay, continue!"
"Where was I?"
"I don't remember"
"Me neither"
- Dziep

"Even a yawn can bring me away"
- Dziep

"I thought you're kinda shy and quiet person"
- Michello

"Thinking of you? Isn't it equal to the worst nightmare?
Well I never try it but I'm sure it's that bad haha. kidding."
- Steinick

"Miss me much?"
- Rio

"Is that Narji?"
- Iwah, watching Sandy Sandoro

"What are you doing when I'm gone?" - Spongebob
"Waiting for you to come back" - Patrick

"Thanks for remembering me"
- Ma'am x, oh well

" Now I'm sending him a message telling him that we need to break up. haha"
- Dziep

"Someone from London calling. I didn't know what shes saying, I ended the phone"
- Iya

"She's a total bitch and that guy is an animal lover"
- Reese

"Lam, whats up? Don't cry here, people could just see your undies"
- Atri, saw me on stairs *_*

"Its a funny ass joke in a time lyk this"

"Hey, Orange!"
- Nonnie

"Whatever happens, please don't stop believing"

"I learnt some bad words in Bahasa. berak. tahi"
- Dziep

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