This is what happens

Life is what happens when you're busy making your decision"

The lyrics above is so true. When I felt like life didn't treat me well, I was busy complaining and asking this and that, while life itself kept going on. I did not realise that time is still ticking and the days are changing. Whew, good choice of words I know...

Anyway, now I have nothing to do and suddenly I think of everything. Like, it just comes out of the blue, have I thanked God for making me passed exams? Did I miss a lot while I was 'busy' struggling with my own ego and thoughts? Have I looked around and thank everyone for everything? Did I even bother to say sorry to my sister when I did not WANT to answer her questions? Oh now I feel so bad.

Also, since school is over (yaay!), I know it won't be as easy as it was before to meet my friends; to have a nice convo with Yasmin, or to laugh my arse off with Dien, or to have a brainy and 'mature' talk with Gita, or just simply to listen to good brit pop songs with Shita. I thank God for everything I had and have, for good friends I know, for good foods I consume, for good place I live, despite the fact that the weather is so shitty. For a not so good life I have, I'm on my way to make it comfortable. I just need to be more grateful and thankful.

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