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So my life has been through a roller coaster. a staccato, you name it. Letting my dreams go is not as easy as making a nice cup of tea in a rainy day (wtf?), but maybe it's just not that hard. I am trying to be, what people here say, ikhlas. Just let everything go with the flow.

Due to this fact, I still disbelieve in hopes. To be honest, I could just believe that there is still a kind of possibility and if I could go through that, I would be able to get what I wanted. Of course I would be glad if it happened but if not, I would not let myself go to the same cave-under-the-deep-blue-sea-that-makes-me-remain-in-the-darkness again. Yes I know, a bit too much but true!!!!!!

My friend once asked me what I'm going to do with my life after high school, like, she knows what already happened and asked if I had re-arranged my future. And I, statically said, have no plans. I do what life brings me. I accept what it (or He, still questioning it) wants me. I'm gonna live in present times, make it like a real present, or enjoy if it's a shocking one. It seems to me that for now, life is better without plans. much better.

But I still do love Simple Plan. Great music, great lyrics.
Inappropriate I know.

Nighty night, life

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