one of the things I hate, a life lesson

I want a dog, a female one
No one would get hurt if I call her bitch

I want a dog, a little one
She wouldn't get upset or have bad mood just because a simple PMS day

I want a dog, a friend
So I would feel like having someone to talk to, about anything

I want a dog
Especially because I've been told not to have a dog, I'm just tired to follow every single rule

I want a dog
I'd take her for a walk, when I need a reason not to be home

I want a dog
I would never like the area of her mouth, but I'd like her better than them who only can talk

I want a dog
Mostly because she would never judge me, whatever I did

I want a dog
But life forces me to believe that I can't always get what I want
and I try to live with that

I want a dog.

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