Cheryl Tweedy

Another Lily's fabulous song.

I wish I had one good reason why I should stay
How'd I get myself into this place

Wish I had qualities like sympathy, fidelity,
sobriety, sincerity, humility
Instead I got lunacy

I wish I could fit myself in my pocket
And tie myself to a rocket
And send myself to outer space
I wish I had a different face

I wish my life was a little less seedy
Why am I always so greedy?
Wish I looked just like Cheryl Tweedy
I know I never will

I wish my life was not so boring
Every weekend, fall to the floor-ing
Don't get me started on Monday morning
It would be overkill

I wish I could apologise be dignified
Wish I could look you in the eye
And tell you that I never lie
I wish I could stop the cries

Don't wake me up today
Under my duvet is where I wanna stay
Don't wanna come out to play
Don't matter what you say, anyway

I wish I didn't smoke so many cigarettes
Another programme and I'm hooked on the TV set
Wish I had blonde hair
Wish I had green eyes

So many thing about myself that I despise

Help.. I was in this long, dark tunnel

Cheryl Tweedy, Lily Allen

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