Life isn't a fairytale even tales are never just for fools

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl. She was a kind of girl who happened to smile and deliver good jokes to everyone. She had good friends, good place to live, good foods to eat and all. She seemed to get everything people want, but no one could ever tell why she felt that way everyday.

Nobody knew that she was afraid of time. Everyone she knew was enjoying their great times with laughter and joy, which were the things she didn't own for real. She thought that she made of plastic, or if she wasn't, she might be robot. That explained a lot about her fear of time; there would be a deadline where she would disappear and be forgotten. Because she thought no one would hear about what she felt, she hid her feelings. She tried to create jokes and funny facial expressions jut to make people think that she was okay. They had no idea that there was something which was ready to explode inside her little body.

And the time had come. It got her crazy for a while. It was a hard hit in her face but after that, she really woke up. She woke up and faced the reality. It was cruel but she could face it. No, she thought she could. She didn't realise that after that day, she lived her life with questions. Questions which killed her softly. She passed the day with curiosity.

She asked her friends who she thought wouldn't laught at her. She asked her bed, which happened to be her friend when she needed to sleep, no answer. She asked her notebook, no answer. She asked her dog, she got a bark. It didn;t satisfy her at all. Then she thought she had to ask the Creator. What did she get? ..

Dreams. Dreams that she didn't understand. She kept questioning. And the feeling she felt everyday had never gone away.

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