Bye Junk Food!

Reading Notes Left Behind and seeing a chinese medicine ads about cancer have positively made me an anti-junk food person. Jesus, I'm cutting down on junk food from now on. I don't wanna wake up one morning thinking I'm gonna die soon of cancer. Not cancer. At least not until they can cure cancer. But no, I don't wanna have cancer!!!

Actually I didn't have a clear definition of junk food, so I did my research and found a good one here. What's wrong with junk food is because they contain too much fat, too much salt, and too much sugar. Ugh I sound like a dietitian or something. But yes, I found a little note says: 'It is OK to eat junk food sometimes!', but still you have to choose one with low fat, salt, and sugar. Glad to know that I am still able to eat pizza :'). Haha, damn you should know how hard it is for me to stop eating pizza, and other junk food.

Also I told Karchy yesterday about me cutting down on junk food and she said "Let's see how long you'll survive without junk food." Gee, let's see.

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