a Great Escape

Mum bought this United Escape bike 2 days ago. I cycled around my house today and I was amazed that this place has changed a lot and you know, how surprising it was to know that it's been almost 8 years since the last time I played with my childhood friends and went around the neighbourhood. If it wasn't because my ipod ran out of battery, I wouldn't realise that it had been almost an hour of my reminiscing time.

Right before I went back home, I met my friend who happened to be my best friend since we were 5. We haven't met for ages and today was the day that we finally talked again. We talked about many things and she arranged a plan to go together with other childhood friends. After dark I met her again and some other friends whom I'm sure the last time I met them was couple years ago. And of course, they've changed a lot.

Anyway, it was my friend's idea to go somewhere we could talk and have good times together again. Here's the problem, I'm more like a spontaneous person while most of them need a really structured plan. I was surprised to know that they want it to be at least 5 days until the day we'd finally go. I don't know, many things could happen in 5 days so after a long time discussing, we planned to go to Pasar Festival on Tuesday. It was very random. If only mum didn't buy the bike. If only I didn't cycle around. If only I didn't meet my old friend.

I started to think that this is a great escape.

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