A Hate Letter

Dear friend (I'm not sure if you'd like to call me friend),

I know I don't really know you, and neither do you. The days we spent together were too short, though the stories I heard about you (and maybe you heard about me) are too many. Regarding this situation, I just can't believe that it's more than enough to make me hate you. Yes, I hate you very much.

Maybe you won't care about this. I know most likely you really won't care about this. I shouldn't care too, but I can't help myself to write this so called hate letter because it's bothering me so much. If you ask me why I hate you this much, I'm not really sure. I know it sounds not fair but I have my reason.

Many things happen, I see it myself, and that doesn't satisfy me. If only I could remove you, delete the memories about you, and start a new life without you in it, I'd be smiling happily by now. But there's nothing as impossible as doing that. Want it or not, you will be there in a little space of my brain and maybe heart for at least four more years. You know what, there's one thing I'm very sure of, what makes me hate you most is I want to forget you as much as I want to forgive you. And I'm sorry for myself because I hate you.

Your hater friend (or friend of friend or whatever)

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