Germany :(


I watched the world cup game between Germany and Spain last night with my brother and sisters, and it disappointed me. Germany lost. Damn. My big sister and my brother were fans of Spain, and I and my little sister were for Germany. And we lost.

It's not like I'm a huge fan of football, nor I understand how to play. I just like it to see hot guys playing football haha, so women I know. That is also what makes me wanna go visit Slovakia one day before I die, hm. Anyways, in this Germany case, I like Philipp Lahm the captain since world cup 2006, and seeing other cute young players like Thomas Muller and Mesut Ozil, and Klose and the nice strategy, and the hot coach are enough to make me be a supporter. Yes, a supporter. And they lost. Lost people.

Gaah, Netherlands, please beat Spain in final round.

This is so random.

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