Maybe it's the oestrogen again..

So my last post was about my trip to Tidung island, and I told you how beautiful the beach was. Now I've been to another beach, Patra Bandulu in Anyer, I could say that this one is more beautiful but that is not the point. Because, it's just weird. I feel something weird seriously.

The first time I heard about Tidung, I was like 'I need to go there because I've never been there before and an island sounds fantastic. A fantastic place to go.' Then I went, with my best friends and some other friends who aren't really close to me. The whole unexpected things in Tidung went alright because I quite enjoyed discovering new things there.

Otherwise, Anyer is very familiar to me because my grandparents live there. So going to Anyer beach wasn't a new thing for me. I went with my classmates, some of my best friends were there but we didn't really spend times together for we did our different things there, and even though the place was more familiar and more beautiful to me and the situation was more enjoyable, I felt like I was ignored.

When people were having fun playing in the water, swimming, banana boating, making castle, taking pictures and all, I was reading a book in a hut. I enjoyed sitting alone, thinking of everything, walking on the warm sand with the wind blew softly, err the last one sounds so lame I know. Anyways, that was enough to give me time to think, which was so heavenly.. heaven. But yes, the ignorance I felt was a strong feeling. No it wasn't people who were there in Anyer with me. It was more like, ah something I couldn't tell because I'm not sure. Yes this is weird.

But overall, it was a great time really, thanks to my classmates, its nice to know yous.

P.S: I'm currently watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because it's on TV (again), and Robert Pattinson looks way better there as Cedric Diggory than his appearance as the cold blooded vampire who looks more like a guy who never takes shower. Seriously..

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