Tidung, a Journey

Tidung Island, Little Maldives in North Jakarta

That's what people say. I don't think I can compare it to Maldives, mostly because I've never been there before, but seriously, it was a bit out of my expectation. But but but, I enjoyed my time there.

Started from ITC Depok at 5 because we needed to get the train by 5.15, Yasmin came up late and it was 6.21 when we finally took the train. And the journey wasn't smooth really. We were late, we were supposed to get on the boat by 7, it ended up the captain phoned us like every minute to ask where we were. And the angkot driver didn't know where to go, we were damn late. At 7.30 something we arrived at the port and.... again I was surprised to see the boat. It was, well, what can I say? I could hardly breathe. Plus it was raining. Awesome.

Then arrived at Tidung at around 1 p.m something (can't really remember). 17 kids in the group, staying in a small house, and it was quite far from the beach (Tanjungan they say). Dio, Indra, Yasmin, Mita, and I were looking for a beach, we were like cycling around and out of nowhere a girl showed up and told us where to go. Ended up she went with us (Yasmin Mita me) the whole day. Her name is Melly and oh well, she was a good tour guide.

We went to Tanjungan and it took almost an hour I guess, immortalized the image of the beach and that was when the fun began. Mita Yasmin and I wanted to swim so we got back to the house, took the swim suits and all, and little Melly took us to a small restaurant first. It took a long time but the fish was worth the wait!

Then swim swim swim! Melly Mita and I jumped off of a, what was that, a bridge or a small cliff? and it was totally fun! Yasmin couldn't swim but finally she tried to jump and I could see she was enjoying it too. We saw the sunset, it wasn't very clear because we weren't at the west beach but still, it was awesome. There was an accident which made it felt awkward a little bit, but yeah it went out perfect. We went back to the house after dark.

Cleaned up ourselves and the rest of the group wanted to stay for one more day, but Yasmin Mita Gita and I decided to go back home earlier because, well I didn't bring enough clothes and Yasmin needed to go back soon. So we split up.

The next day, at around 7 we went to the port and this was better. It was a sunny day, and the wind made it beautiful. Sun bathing on a boat was nice despite the sun block I brought didn't work well. Whatever, I'm Asian and dark skin suits me haha. And yess, J-Town finally. Arrived at around 11 something and finally home at 1.55 p.m. A wonderful journey.

P.s: I'm not a type of updating everything but before I lost the mood and before I forgot the details, I better post this. And damn I'm not used to wear a glasses yet but because I need to, I was looking for it and realized that I sat on it. Yes I sat on it.

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