I'm never gonna say goodbye

Some of my friends have and will soon leave the town for college. I thought I was gonna cry to let them go, especially Alda. She's been a good friend to me for 2 years. But she said she will absolutely come to Depok again so it's not a goodbye. Just the time to fly. I wanted to give a hug but she refused, ha, because again she said we will meet again. Sure we will.

Then in the afternoon I went to meet Atri and friends, we went karaoke and sang a song about friendships. Atri cried, some others cried too, and it was obvious to me that, soon my life will change. I didn't know Alda and Atri 6 or 7 years ago, now I feel so sad to let them go. The memories I wish won't go away.

'Sure there will be time we wanna say goodbye but even if we try, there are something in this life won't be denied'
Swear it Again - Westlife

I'm sure gonna miss yous.

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