In the name of love...

"Why do you stay single? People like you can get boyfriend so easily"

A friend said this to me while we were in a situation where every single person there seemed to be in love, and how ridiculous love could make them do such funny things to see. Scratch the last sentence. Well, people like Paris Hilton can get boyfriend easily too, my friend.

Anyway, I want to clarify that it is not like they know me knowing many people inside or outside this town and even this country so I could get boyfriend easily. It's just not like that. And ah boyfriend, we all know that good men go out with bitches. So why do I stay single? Because first, I DO have taste (with the capitalised do), and second, friends are friends, boyfriends are boyfriends, and friends' boyfriends or ex-boyfriends aren't on the list (have to keep it in mind). So, since I haven't met any potential 'friends' who meet my criteria yet I think it's clear enough to answer the question.

I had this chat last night with another friend, who also have remained single for a long time, still about the same topic. She said that most guys don't wanna go out with smart girls. I said that's because they can't play tricks on those smart chicks. Then she agreed. Not to mention that we ARE smart (capitalised and bolded to make you sure). Well we, single chicks over here, are staying single because our standards are just too high and we haven't met any qualified men yet. And the question for this is why is it when I talk about love it turns out really corny? But seriously I saw it by my own eyes, a friend who had a little fight with her boyfriend. She looked really sad like she wanted to cry before she talked to her boyfriend. You know what happened right after she finished talking? Sparkling eyes and big smile. Yeah, love, whatever... It can turn flaming fire into frozen ice, drops of tears into ear to ear smiles. Interesting.

Love is still in the air, isn't it?

I know I can't be less cornier, shut up!

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