To you, with sarcasm

Perhaps I should write something serious.

Today, another friend is leaving. A close close friend of mine, a super mean friend of mine, maybe that's why we're friends, is leaving to a city thousands miles away. Yesterday was the last time I met him before college starts, and I and one other friend made a 'present' for him. Actually, we didn't know what to buy and due to the lack of money issue (we sure shouldn't have to give you something expensive, should we? (; ), then we made it. We made the present ourselves! Err actually it's Gita, I just sat there watching telly.

Okay, back to the serious part. I wrote a letter for him. I was meant to make a super serious letter in order to make him cry, yes that's right because it was for the most melancholic man at school. And I ended up making a stupid one, I'm not sure he's gonna cry.

And now, since it seems like I fail again to write a serious post, I'll just write it my way. What is that to make you sad to leave? Your friends? Your family? Or your dream that can't be true? If it's your friends I'm sure you'll soon have new ones. If it's your family, I'm sure they're gonna come visit you often. But if it's about the dream, nothing could I say but face reality. Because it doesn't matter where you go, what makes success succeed is how you deal with the situation and make the best of it. Wow what did I say? I know right I'm awesome! (:

This is not a goodbye, my friend. Like I said, (and it's written in your picture we gave), "Ya udah sih, Cin..."

To sum up, seriousness + me = failure.


-anonimose- said...

hahaha cheap bastards..
kan lo nulis kata2 mutiara dengan font yg awesome!

AchlamBasalamah said...

Lebay banget gue nulis 'thousands miles away' haha, cuma 560 km padahal. Dan, kata2 mutiara terindah yang pernah gue tulis adalah Ya Udah Sih Cin??

-anonimose- said...

gw ga tau ya 1 mile itu seberapa, metric system please. get with it bloody yank hahahha :| iya, lo harus nulis buku dengan judul itu, best fcking seller.

AchlamBasalamah said...

Nulis? Membaca thaja thulit....