Paloma Faith, awe.friggin.some

I went to Bandung 2 days ago and it was nice. And the nicest part was..... Paloma Faith's CD. Limited. fuckin. edition. And I absolutely have no regret to spend my 85k on it, it's just plain awesome. (Damn you local disctarra for not having that here and everywhere!) And there was also Kate Nash's! And I couldn't purchase them all due to the money issue. Seriously... Can anyone buy it for me? tee hee.

Not many people here know her I know, that's why it's quite hard to find the CD. But for you who don't know, she's just talented, you can also see her playing a role in Imaginarium of dr. Parnassus. Bitchy her haha. Buuuuut, she's awesome. I'm liking her broken doll song. Here's an awesome performance of her, courtesy of youtube. Enjoy.

"Piece me all together
Though broken I am sweet
You thought my heart was made of wood
But I can hear it beat"

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