If you don't know, please shut your mouth. Thanks

I've been busy doing my tasks lately and it's like I have found excuses not to do many things because of it. Like, I have some day offs when the activity they make doesn't seem important (oh please), and dad was like 'did you really think you could go abroad if you act like that?' Seriously, can you please not mention it because I'm being like this because I don't go.

So tomorrow they have this Program Cinta Kampus, or I Love Campus Program, which I obviously won't go because I don't love that campus. And again, dad wants me to start loving the place and he keeps saying that if I act like this he really made a good decision not to let me go. All I want is for him to stop expecting, like I did long time ago. Because it's hard enough for me to go everyday to the place I don't like, do the things I don't want to, and be surrounded by people whose way of thinking I don't enjoy.

It's good that I've found new good friends, despite the fact that mostly they don't think what I'm thinking. It's also good to know I can easily fit in this new situation. But through all of that, still there's something missing inside me. That's why I don't want dad, or anyone, to expect me to be like what they want, or anyone to say that I don't act like what I'm supposed to. It's hard enough for me and please don't make it harder. Thanks.

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