Try to sound happy :) (and fail)

Hello! Haven't been here for a while, I have some stories to tell. The first is about the uni orientation, which is already over. And the second is about my feeling.
(doesn't this sound serious? *put on my super serious nerdy face, fail*)

Uni orientation is over. I had to make lots of essays and had to handwrite most of them. I also am sick of yellow and grey already, since all complex stuff I had to make should have them on it. The most difficult part was the running time, because we did it on a fasting day. For some people, the moment when our seniors yelled at us was the scariest time, as for me, I seriously tried so damn hard to hide my laughter. It's not like I didn't respect them, it's just, hearing them called my name was simply, super funny. Also, I passed the first day without making any mistakes and I ended up sitting there singing some songs with grammatical errors. I was fasting and it made me thirsty. And the second day, thanks god I made a mistake (actually it wasn't that obvious. If only the senior didn't envy my beauty I would pass the second day too. What?) But I'm super glad I did, so instead of singing some stupid songs, I just stood there hearing the seniors yelling at us freshmen. I didn't feel scared. I won against people's fear. Hahahahahha (pardon my laughter here)

That was about the ori. The day after, I met Yasmin. Heaven, I needed something to refresh my mind and talking to her was enough. I thought wrong. There was this rehearsal for our final day as freshman to finally wear the yellow jacket they're all so proud of. I was with Gita (thanks God!), and everyone, EVERYONE, was I don't know, feeling so proud of their yellowness or something that each department (or faculty they say, seriously?), sang their own song. It was so embarrassing I think, and it really turned my mood down. Because, I thought I've met some friends who are great and are potential to be super good friends with (in this case, have the same way of thinking with me) and all, and on that day I saw them in the lines with others, singing songs as if everyone wants to hear. God, why is that?

Perhaps I have to try to change my way of thinking. Or if I can't, I should try to at least be a tolerant person. Forgive me for complaining too much, it's just I need more time to be part of this new frustrating community. In spite of everything, I am still glad to have friends like them, especially Gita and Karchy, I seriously have no idea if there's no one like yous!

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