Welcoming new friends. and enjoying it.

Wow, I never thought it could be this fast. You know, I never like the place I'm going to study for the next four years, and I thought I would be going out with my people, those I know from high school and even if I would get along with new friends, it'd take long time. It's just, I never thought it could be THIS fast. (impressed)

It started when I gotta go to different group with my friends. I didn't know anyone at all at first and the funny thing was I was about to make a good impression and it failed because I met this girl. The first thing I thought about her was, she was someone like Yasmin. Only, it took me a long time to be friends with Yasmin, like, the whole text messages, phone calls, the recesses time at school and all. But this girl, err the other girl thought that we'd known each other before this orientation thing and everyone seemed surprised to know that we hadn't. Seems like I got a click button on her. Ha, laaaaaame......

And other girls in my group are nice. I like my group. I still don't like the place but now I have a reason to be happy going there. And the highlight is my name! I talked to Fay for almost 15 mins on the phone giggling a lot about our new nicknames because it's hell funny! You just don't know how it feels to hear people call 'your name' and you don't notice because you are not used to it yet. It's weird people, yet damn funny. Ah, I wish this feeling could last.

Yaay I know have friends! (emo)

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