This blog is officially moving

Finally the blog is moving!

I just did my CV today and will do some other essays again, err, soon. A friend of mine seems like got very stressed about this whole shits but you know what, I don't feel the same way. I mean, dad said nothing can harm me without my permission and I absolutely won't let UI harm me by anything, and these loads of tasks surely mean nothing to me. And to think like that helps me out, a lot. I will finish 2 of the 7 tasks today (number 1 and 5, the essays). Task number 2 isn't my responsibility and my group project is done. So I will have 4 other things to do and I'll start the day after tomorrow. Hello, Mr. Procrastinator!

The thing I hate today is my Lily Allen's CD is broken and the thing I like is I (finally) talked again with Yasmin, Rausyan, and MF.

And I need more CDs.

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