I am missing

Again, haven't been on here for a while, I've been busy with college and the orientation days. Well it's not over yet. Tomorrow will officially be the last day of it. And I don't know, I don't think it's bad because I really have a reason to get super close with my new friends, esp. my group mates.

Well today, we had to perform some parody and we had to loose our 'dignity'. Right, enough said about that and I'm moving to another topic.

There's a girl who really looks like Tamara!!!! Holy cow seriously, although she's almost as tall as me and looks like a nice girl, not a funny bitch like her lol, oh god she really reminds me of Tam. That's why I sent an email to her, I hope she has time to reply. And I started to miss everyone. And I talked to Mike who got a new haircut and he really looks cool that way (no kidding). And I miss Tomoka. And I miss my high school friends. And I started to not liking the college atmosphere again (I almost get used to it, until I found something that totally turned it upside down). And I don't have time to write here as much as I did. And I always be heaps sleepy every time I got home. And I want to go to Europe for free. Hahah random much.

In conclusion, I miss everyone and everything, to specify here, I miss the memories.

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