I'm pretty but I'm not beautiful, I sin but I'm not the devil, I do good but I'm no angel

I meet new friends. I'm not specialising someone here by saying their names, and sorry for being too cynical or apathetic, but yes, I don't like some of them because typically, they're all the same.

To be honest, I'm not choosy of selecting friends. I mean, I can be friends with someone as smart as Diaz, as chicky as mf girls, as dirty minded as Gita, as beautiful as Yasmin, and all type of people. And now, in the place I'll continue my study, I meet people who are beautiful and wealthy. Typically. Some are good to be friends with, and I thankfully have found them. But some others are, well actually this is about a girl I don't like. Seriously I've never been like this before, like, disliking people from the very beginning, even from the first time I met her.

It was when I was with my friend and we were about to meet her other friend, whom was talking to another friend of her. And she introduced us to her friend. And she talked as if I wasn't there. and I know she did it to some other friends, whom maybe don't fit her friends criteria or something because we don't use mascara to campus or don't use fake blue eyes like her, I don't know. But yea, I say this not because of the ignorance she showed to me, or the sad feeling of being ignored, because I am too ignorant to be sad or even to think like that seriously, but because I think I'm gonna meet more people like her, in the place I'm studying. The stereotype, whatever. They are all typical. And plus, being smart is not enough to be remembered because everybody is. You have to be either very genius, very beautiful, very famous, very funny, or very bitchy. And by this theory, I'm pretty sure I'm so gonna be forgotten soon, because of what Monroe said. *sweep fringe*

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