I'm not a horrible person

I wrote something about what I feel about my culture and my family yesterday and I never expect anyone to read it or to leave comments, but I got some. By that (and other posts I wrote using my cynical points of view), I'm afraid that people would misunderstand me.

I love my family, so much. I have a hero in disguise and he's my dad. I want someone like him to be my boyfriend or future husband, that's why my love life sucks lol, because a man like him is hard to find! Err. And I love my mum, my muggle mum. I absolutely can't give all the things she's given to me. I can't even imagine the feeling she got when she delivered me to this world. And I love my siblings, for all the joy and the pain.

I love my friends. I once told one of my friends that mostly, my friends are those who are smart and funny. It doesn't mean that I only be friends with the maths champions or #1 students whatsoever. Everyone is smart, and to me, I be friends with those who can give me lessons and knowledge. I learned how to drive, how it feels to be minority, how money can't buy happiness, and other things, from my friends. And those who can be best friends with me are the funniest person I know. And I love yous so much.

You may think I'm ignorant. But I do care about things you may not care about. I try to stop consuming junk food, because I care about my health. I try not to buy pirated stuff, because I care about the producers, and the economic growth of this country. I'd borrow instead of buy pirated DVDs (there's a thin border between care and not wanting to waste money). Not, lol. I try to buy original CDs instead of downloading from internet, that spends extra money but that's what I care about. And I like learning about new languages, and even though still I'm obsessed with British accent, my current obsession is bahasa jawa, especially banyumasan and tegal, because they're funny.

And that's just a little piece of me, I can't think of other things I do and don't care about right now, but I hope these little examples are enough to make you know that I'm not a horrible person.

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