Don't get me wrong

Yesterday, a friend told me that another friend of mine read this blog, and he thought that I'm a chick with an unstable personality. Wow wait, am I?

I don't think so, I don't wanna think so!! The reason why I write in this stupid site is to have a place to say whatever I wanna say, and mostly that's what I feel. Since I don't think I can say the cheesy and corny feeling I got to anyone, I write. I may tell people about the good things happened to me, I may tell people about things that made me smile, but I surely can't tell about how much I don't like this or that because I know what they're gonna say after, and I wouldn't like their judgments and all. Thus, I write. Sometimes I do write about good things, but lately, I don't have much time to write here and when I got the time, I was always in a bad mood. So pardon for all the negative things you read, that's just one piece of puzzle of my complex brain if you would like to know.

I know that it's your right to think whatever you want about me, and I have no right to make you stop judging me, but come and see me in person then you'll know that I'm the happiest person you've ever met, don't get me wrong.

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