Finger dance; a remedy

The glasses needs to be cleaned up,
As if it was the reason why the world seems fuzzy
I was surprised when I figured out,
That I'm almost blind, blinded by my own ego and thoughts

Through the days without the sunlight,
And the nights without the stars,
I've been hiding all the pain inside
Hoping that someone could send me to Mars

The same old stories people have heard about
Keep haunting me, and scare the shit out of me
I'm looking for a way out
Wishing that the wind blew through the windows of my former glory

I'm surrounded by regrets
I'm ashamed. I'm horrible. I'm disgusting and boring.
People would judge and ironically, it would be the only fun I could get
Being judged and keep on lying

Tired of playing all the drama
Showing the masks with no flaws
Only the clock keeps ticking
And there's where the big, devilish man is standing,

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