Oops, I did it again

Yesterday was the weirdest day ever. I had no classes but I had to go to a meeting at campus. I was bored with my routines, I totally was. Then I decided to take different route and knew later that I made a wrong decision. I mean, it took longer time, the traffic was hell more tiring, plus it was raining and the angkots there were much crazier. Ended up I came late, and again, I didn't feel like I belong there. Then I met a friend to talk about something creepy and it didn't take a long time because he had a class. After he left, I didn't know what to do but I didn't feel like going home because there was nobody home. So I went to Margo city, all by myself.

I felt blue all day long. I still am but idk why. Call me emo, whatever. I bought stupid things, I spent my time by walking around the mall, I skipped the lunch time, I even wear random t-shirt and jeans and it didn't match with my hijab, but I matched the hijab with my sandal anyway. I don't care about how I look, I don't care about what you think about how I look.

Then I bought ice cream, ate it while walking, with empty eye. I forgot to bring my watch, and because it felt weird not to wear one, I bought a stupid hello kitty watch that has stupid light if pressed in the kids corner. It's pretty cute I think, but Yasmin said it was a big no. Whatever, I like it.

And yes, after spending almost 5 hours reading, eating ice cream, walking around, and peeing (err) ALONE, Ezky came. And Yasmin too. It was nice to having people coming while you had nothing to do. Only, I didn't know why I felt like I don't wanna talk to anyone, just enjoyed listening to what they're saying and watching them. Then Ezky bought Tiesto CD, and we went out to UI. Random much.

The CD was played so loudly, as if we were somewhere in the club. And that was weird seriously. Err no it wasn't, what's weird was what happened after. I'm not saying here, but I did it again. It went alright until someone from the past coming and I couldn't enjoy anything at all. I hated to pretend that I liked it. Actually from the very first time I was there, I didn't think it's good. But the situation made it easier for me to behave like everything's good, and I was with my very best friend who made me feel secure. But then, oh well, it just happened. It felt great really, I like the smell of my hand now. Boo! Doesn't this sound a little.... creepy? Lol it's not creepy at all but it's not good either. So yeah, better keep it secret.

To sum up, oops, I did it again! *blushing devilish smile*

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