The weirdest morning

I slept over at a friend's house for the sake of doing the accounting assignment. And it turned out to be ladies' chit chat night. We finally went to bed (single size for 3, super awesome lol) at 4 in the morning and I don't know why it's 7 something now and I can't go back to sleep, while everyone is still sleeping.

The weird part is when I checked my phone I got a message from an old friend asking me to lend her some money, err big amount of money. Well, she's a very old friend of mine and we haven't really talked for quite a long time, and even though we did it was just for formality I guess. And all I know is she came from a super wealthy family. But she got a little problem with her mum and it ended up like this. And I said yes, that's just so weird.

Its not about the money, knowing that I'm not supposed to write this because this is someone's problem and I just simply have no right to expose. Its about the trust. Dad said that I shouldn't trust people easily, esp when it comes to money. But I am a kind of person who can hardly say no to friends. And I'm confused now. Well I said yes, which means I'd help her out. The only guarantee is her promise. I hope, today I'll get a very great lesson and this thing wouldn't make me be afraid to help people again one day. Let's see..

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