And what's this? A self defence?

I've always said that I might have a problem with commitment. But this one is different. The one I've affirmed to for so long. The one I wear everyday, my hijab.

Some people I know put off their hijabs for so many reasons. One of them is because they say they're not ready yet, because women with hijabs are mostly affiliated with pure, clean soul, kind and polite, and all the good things you name it. And for them, it's better not to wearing this thing before they reach the stage 'mature enough' to finally behave like muslim women. So for those who've already worn it and think like they haven't acted like what they're supposed to, they decide to put it off.

I'm not saying that I'm the safest bet on this thing. I'm not the brightest bulb either. But this is my commitment to maybe God, to my faith, that even though I may not behave like other muslim women do (yet!!!), I -inshaAllah- will never ever ever ever put this off of my head and of my heart. Isn't it better to do one good thing and one bad thing than to do two bad things at the same time? I'm not saying and judging that it is bad or good to not wearing hijab because it really depends on you and what you think, but I can't help to commenting (as if it's gonna help, I know), that if the reason they wear it off is because they don't think wearing hijab while they're still behaving badly is not the purpose of wearing hijab itself, that when you decide to wear it you absolutely have to change all your bad attitudes in a sudden, then what's with the word process? Also, humans are made to make mistakes, and to learn from their mistakes.

But yes, whatever. You can wear, think, say, whatever you want, there's nothing to do with me haha and I'm stick to my (so far) only commitment. End of discussion.

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