Midnight randomness

Since I'm not a type of burst-out-everything-to-people-face-to-face kind of lady, I use social networks. Friendster, facebook, twitter, bbm, ym, msn, blogspot, you name it. And no matter how hateful I am against twitter, now I have it back. Feel free to stalk @asaidb haha omg I can't believe I'm promoting myself here. EW.

And today, President Obama came and gave a speech to people at UI. Holy cow, that was awkward because.. well you know there are things happening out there (the volcanic eruption, tsunami, floods, earthquake, anything), and the euphoria of his visit was just too much. Is it because he used to live in Jakarta? What a shame, people here are just exaggerating, adoring him too much just because he still remembers the pronunciation of Sate and Bakso.
But, it's great to have him here, despite the fact that his visit created traffic jams everywhere, at least the making of his little statue was not useless...

Anyways, I finally found a place where talking English doesn't seem like being more superior than others because people here aren't used to it, where juniors can call their seniors by their names without that Indonesian way of respecting older people (not to be too cynical against Indonesian traditions), where laughing and getting to know each other are the only thing I have to do, and where I can have a chance to meet and communicate with foreigners. And I'm glad I've been a part of it. I really am.

Booooooooo! Accounting and statistic tomorrow. Ah, if only Obama stayed for a longer time..........

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