Maybe Because It's Friday

It's friday and it's a day off of campus. I woke up at 12, I slept like a cow and ate like a pregnant pig. Know why I over slept? I talked to a new friend, err an old one (literally, lol), about some stupid yet serious things. It's a bit awkward actually, you know, I shouldn't talk like that to someone I've just met for a week. Also, she's my senior at campus and I'm supposed to talk and behave politely in front of her and people of her age HAHA omg this sounds like she's super old or something. But yes, I feel like she's good to talk to because she's that wise and mature, and I need to talk to people like her to stabilise my unstable young spirit. Yeah, whatever.

Besides all that, nothing really happened this week. Oh, perhaps its my friendship with my campus fellas. I feel like they are the only ones who are willing to be with me all the times. I mean, according to the news I heard about FEUI and the people, who are typically individualist and will come when they need something, my two best buddies here are different. At least that's what I think. And I don't know, we have different majors and perhaps this will happen only in the first semesters, then FE will turn us to be its typical people. I don't know. I'm not supposed to think about it now, I'll just enjoy it.

And I hate how time flies so fast as much as I hate to wish for it to fly faster to take me to the end of my campus life haha. No. Err, Idk what I'm talking about, I'm just simply liking this time, when papers and assignments are not that hard (yet), and when GPAs are still far away to reach. I like this time, maybe because it's friday.

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