Bad News


That was the opening of an email from a friend far from Russia. She delivered a bad news, telling that the migration office is having a week of new year holiday, which means a delay in my invitation letter process, causing a delay in the visa making process for me, which means my chance to go to Russia is at risk. Yes people, 6 in the morning and I couldn't go back to sleep

Now I don't know. I heard that good news comes to those who wait. I've been waiting all the times. Okay Imma stop now, complaining is very much useless. If it's meant to be, it will be. And if it's not? To let go is the hardest part. Oh no its not gonna be that hard because I've experienced one which was much harder. Monologue.

I am disappointed, and I don't know how many chance I have to go. I try to letting go now, if at the end I'd go, that would indicate that I'm still lucky.

Wish me luck people, even though I myself had stopped wishing for quite a long time. And happy christmas and happy holiday!

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