It's raining and it's the perfect time to write something. Ha it rhymes!

But no, I know what's been on my mind and if I had to burst it out here, it would absolutely turn out too cheesy. And if I talk about exams, it won't bring any good either. And neither will the invitation letter. And to make it worse, there's no one to talk to about this little thing and this blog isn't the right place also. Once I told a friend about it she laughed and said that I should've thrown away my heart. Yeah right, it's better to be heartless than to have it control over your brain. But still, sometimes I wish we could just pretend......

Can some good-looking stubbly guy come and replace the fukcing place??????? Random much.


Anonimose said...

lol it doesn't rhyme..
jieee ayam udah besar ya :DD

AchlamBasalamah said...

nggak kok aku masih sepuluh. anjir. malu loh hahaha