I was on the newspaper!!!

"If one day you were to be published on a newspaper, what news would it be?" "A good news for sure"

A friend said that on a facebook application, and woop it strictly leads me to a piece of memory. Exactly a year ago, after winning the 4th Asean Quiz in the Philippines, I was interviewed by a local newspaper. It was a great news indeed, yet I figured out that I was a boring person! (Perhaps still am, but oh well). It was my first time actually, so I didn't know what to do. Plus, the journalist came late and made me have to wait for more than 2 hours, I wasn't in the mood anymore. So when it came the interview time, I was sooooooo bored and spit out some boring answers.

Interviewer (after finished asking about the important things about the competition): So tell me about your hobby
Me: Err, listen to music, watch movie, too many
I : Okay, what kind of movie?
M: Horrors
I : Ah nice. So do you have any favourite actor/actress?
M: *thinking* .. Nope
I : Anyone maybe, from your favourite movies? What's your favourite movie?
M: I don't have any, I just watch what I think is good
I : Well, okay then. Do you have any role model? Sukarno maybe? *seriously why Sukarno?*
M: Nope, I don't have any.
I : really?
M: I guess yes
I : What about school subjects, what's your favourite?
M: Nothing

And when I got the newspaper, it was fucking embarrassing! Looked like the interviewer worked so hard to make it a good writing, thanks ma'am lol. I wish I could turn back the time, I would give better answers like 'my favourite actor is Jude Law because he's totally handsome, my role model is my dad because he gives me his awesomeness in my blood, and my favourite subject is PE because I could go home earlier, thank you for asking'

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