Why from Miss Allen

Why aren't I one of these interesting people
Who's always got something to say,
To not be contrived and to feel so alive,
And to never have wasted a day?

To go for long walks, have well informed talks
In a non-confrontational way?
Why aren't I one of these interesting people,
And why won't you stay?

I'm still having the same conversation,
That I've been having for years.
I just want to read and retain information,
Just face up to my fears.

I look at myself and its so plain to see,
All I need is to change,
Not too much, I still want to be me,
Everyone just looks the same.

Why is my phone full of so many numbers
And why doesn't anyone call?
Maybe they think that I'm always too busy,
Or maybe I have no friends at all?
When I'm watching TV they're all out necking E's
And well obviously I'm Appauled

Lily Allen - Why

This song is fucking hilarious! In every lyric I wrote down here, I always bolded some words if they I think fit in me. And now I feel like bolding it all because oh my God she is effing brilliant.

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