Yes, you got me there

Today was so weird. I don't know, my 2 friends didn't go to campus and I quite liked it. I mean, its not like I don't like being with them all the times, no! Its just good to sometimes go around the campus all by myself and meet people and see how many people know you, lol. So yeah, at first I went to Kober with Ayin because my PE class was canceled (bought a new glasses there woop!). Then I met and talked to so many people, like, so many! Yeah today was good really.

Then I got this class with a psychology student as the lecturer assistant. This was the surprising part.. Boo! Err, yea I talked to him about palmistry, graphology, and all things I've read on my stupid book and he said they are not any kind of sciences. And we talked a lot about it but what surprised the most was he showed something like he could read me. Holy cow he really did that. He said that I was this and that (due to privacy, I'm not telling) and it was really scary. I mean, I felt like he could 'see' me from the deepest. The deepest. And I didn't like it because it gave me a weird feeling like, I was transparent, and had no privacy. Seriously, this does matter to me, I didn't like it and always won't do. And at the end he gave me suggestions but what I remember the most is "You may have a guilty feeling or you may be guilty, but choose to do one because do it both would just make you tired.". And I was like "Shit someone told me that I said sorry all the times the night before. What's that supposed to mean?"

Ah, a mysterious way to make me realise how I need to look back at myself and do the self-introspection.

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