Thank you very much

I've been acting so weird lately. Heavy pressure with no one to talk to and no time to come here often was the reason why. And that's what makes me sure that I won't have a special friend anytime soon, because I can't even handle my best friends. A best friend to be exact.

Things seemed to be easy at first, new friends made it feel more comfortable. Laughed all times, slept over, travelled a lot, shopped, you name it. It felt pretty good, till time showed me who the real friends are. Thanks God I had them around, but I messed it up. I feel bad now, really. And this is not the first time. I remember having this awkward moment couple years back and when I told another friend about that she said that I sounded like I was having a fight with a girlfriend, that I sounded like a little lesbo almost broke up with the friend. No I wasn't and no I'm not now. But indeed it sounds like that. I'm laughing at myself now.

It was time that brought me back to my old friend, but I don't think it would do a favour to me again now. So I talked to her, asked if I made her feel sick of me and I apologised, and I was surprised to know her answer. I know the place we're going everyday is not a friendly one, but I do think you're one of the greatest values that place can offer. I can't force you to think the same about me, and its sad to know you really don't think so, so I'd like to say thanks for everything, and I hope we could forget about me being sensitive now and do what smart foolish can do. Again.

Thanks for being my friend, friend. Are we cool now? Of course we are, literally. Lol happy holiday!

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