Indonesia and Malaysia. And Football.

Malaysian football player, Safee Sali, wants to play abroad and is set to leave Selangor to pursue his professional career in Indonesia. (link)

I'm really not into sports and football, but since the AFF Suzuki Cup which brought up the football euphoria over here, I couldn't help noticing that people, mostly those who don't understand, started to think that football is something. Here, in Indonesia. I'm not saying that Indonesian football is super bad, well it was, but I like the idea that it is getting better and better. But that's not what I'm going to talk about.

Still fresh in my mind (and maybe in some people's minds) how sincere Indonesians were to support the national team on that game almost a month ago. When we (lol we, I can't think of other words that refers to the national team without repeating it in one paragraph, because my English teacher said that it's not good to keep repeating words in essay. Anyway..) got into the finals and had to meet Malaysia, I was like 'wow it's so gonna be fun'. Seriously, because when it comes about Malaysia, most Indonesians are still having this sentiment that leads to hatred. Well most of the citizens of both of the two nations, I can say, are having potency to hate each other. I'm not joking.

The football games which were supposed to be fair and fun, seemed to be pretty heated with the political and cultural issues. Despite the fact that some supporters used laser and some others attacked verbally (lol seriously, the most ridiculous thing ever happened in the football stage), the best team won. And even though it ended quite a while ago, the euphoria is still there. Perhaps because they never had good-looking players before (talking about Indonesian football), lol, or it's still a new thing for Indonesian to go this far and to have some foreigners who have changed their nationalities to play here, but the media is still blowing it up. Just like what I watched on telly this morning, that Malaysian striker wants to play in local Indonesian club.

Why does it sound interesting to me? Because I can't imagine those people who said bad things about Malaysia will be supporting one of the best Malaysian player who will be playing here and is predicted to give big contribution for the club! Will it be like they eat their words if Safee could play well and change the hatred into a warmer attitude towards Malaysia? Or will it get any worse if Safee couldn't give the best he could for the team? Lol that will be heaps interesting if in the end, football can bring everyone into a jolly condition.

And it's football, not soccer. FOOTBALL! Lol at alwayspureblood on youtube.

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