Surprised? So Am I

Another life lesson:

According to a friend, I'm weird. I can be happy at 8, sad at 9, grumpy at 10, and happy again at 11. To conclude; moody. And that's exactly what had happened couple of hours ago. I was so high and mad, I even swore (not what I'm used to do. err). And right now I don't feel anything. Don't ask why because I don't have the answer either.

And ugh, it seems like I'm having misfortunes in a row. I have this symptom again, spots on my palms I first had due to allergies over seafood. That was bPublish Postack in 2004. In 2007 it showed up again and the doctor said that it might not only because of the foods I consumed, it also came from my thoughts, that I was a bit stressed out and maybe I currently am. I've been thinking too much, feeling guilty, plus been eating like a pregnant pig, doing no exercise at all, and messing up with my sleeping time, I deserve this very much. Know what I'm doing? Accepting. Trying to let go of everything, being grateful, PRAYING 5 times a day, convincing myself that what happened in the past were history and I should learn to move on. The only problem is, feeling blue is somehow needed to make me notice of all these things I have and better not have. But yes, the tide is high but I'm moving on...

Wow, can't believe I've gone through this in just a few hours. Without talking to anyone. I know right I'm awesome! Err.

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