Good, Bad, and Worse

Too many things had happened in a week! I have three kinds of news. The good news is, half of the heaps heavy things on my shoulder had gone. The bad news is, I still have to do half of it, along with studying those hard lessons in the sleepless nights with mountains of assignments. And the worse is, I won't make it to Serbia for BIMUN this year while Dad said that he's going to UK on the day I'm having my exams!

Regarding to another cancellation I got, I don't understand why I don't feel like I'm loosing something now. Seriously, you know how desperate I was at the first cancellation (you know what I'm talking about..). The second one was a bit shocking too but it wasn't as frustrating as the first one. And now, I feel nothing. Ha I don't know if it's good but if so, I'll be staying here keeping myself as unplanned as possible, so at the end I would find my way surprising instead of shocking. Doesn't I sound awesome? wink wink!

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