1 way 2 say 3 words

For this country: What is wrong?

Blood represents strength, bone represents purity. The idea was great, yet the reality is far from what's expected. Is it my fault to wish for blue skies, clear air, good leaders, nice environment, and many other things (cough sexy accent, hot guys cough)?

I'm not saying that I don't wanna be a part of this society. Even I'm here now giving a proof that I am (read: criticising without offering solutions). What's wrong with this place? If I was to believe in reincarnation, are we cursed because of something really bad we did in the previous life? If I was to believe in the peace of nirvana, are we so evil that we never even taste a piece of it? If I was to believe in the sacrifice of God, are we so unpleasant that His sacrifice didn't cover all our sins?

Seems like tomorrow's test influences this post. But again, what is wrong with this place???!

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