The inspirational inspiration comes inspire me!

Note : This is a personal statement. You may have found something you don't want to know or you don't need to know. I don't need your judgments or anything because once again I say this is a personal statement, I write this without any other purposes but to ensure myself that I am very lucky and I need to increase my gratefulness level. Thank you.

Rereading this embarrassing embarrassment embarrasses me! What a life I've already had, and still looking back is definitely uncool. I know I should just throw the shit about this educational matter away instead of talking and thinking about it over and over again, because while I'm busy doing what I'm doing right now, I have lost and will loose all the good things I'm supposed to get. Cheers to my maturity.

So this is it. I'll just say the truth without any other purposes. 9000 students were trying to be what I am right now. Hundreds of my fellow school students wanted to get what I've gotten. Even some people I know have been dreaming of what I call reality. Why should I go flunk myself into a deep deep hole and why don't I let myself and people to come in and break all the surrounding walls? It's time to get my feet on the ground and to look around. Start to think positively and thank every single thing. So yes, thanks for the free air I'm breathing, the clean water I don't have to die for to getting it, the awesome parents and their superawesome genes they delivered to me, and even for the warm and nice instant teh tarik I don't have to run thousand kilometres to drink. I know right, mum and dad must be proud to hear me saying all these things! I know right, i'm awesome! :')


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