Got it?

Jump down from a train
Disappear in only a second
No marks, no signs
No one cares if she's just lost her lovely husband

A beautiful, beautiful mind
Busy wondering what's gonna happen
Busy preparing her best performance
Forgot to focus on her present

Burst out teary laugh
Feel like she's happy enough
Welcome tears while he left
Nothing has changed but the love

A stubborn mediocre man
Thinks he's good enough to run
Got his first slap on the face
Never makes him stop to mess

Cry out loud and loud
A kid misses her lollipop
Her big brother doesn't bother to seek
There are still two mouths to feed

Things don't work out well
A group of people yell
Some are mad at the systems
Some others break the items

2 hands, 2 feet, and 1 head
The only perfection one could ever had
Forgot to do the important act
We don't get paid to get laid

Be friends with enemy
Smart move on the army
Increase the quality
Recorded on the history

Pride makes him stay
Others walk away
Prejudice gets him drowned
Others got their crowns

Claim the so called humanity
Meet and face reality
Ones wish for fidelity
They get lunacy


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