100 Random facts

  1. I prefer personal, intimate talk to a group discussion.
  2. I like discovering new things and dump them while I'm bored.
  3. I can easily get bored.
  4. I dump new things easily.
  5. I don't like being curious.
  6. I care about society and think it disturbs me at the same time.
  7. I'm a different person in and outside home.
  8. I like being underestimated and surprise people.
  9. I don't like surprises.
  10. I read the last page of the book first because of that.
  11. I listen to songs the vocals of which are louder than the music.
  12. I thought I can be a writer.
  13. I found out I suck in writing.
  14. I like 2nd semester much more than the 1st.
  15. I don't like my school.
  16. I'm attracted to unique people.
  17. And smart ones.
  18. People think I'm smart.
  19. Oh, my appearance makes me a deceiver.
  20. The only thing I'm good at is pretending.
  21. I can pretend to be good/smart/pretty/etc.
  22. I want many things.
  23. I don't really want many things.
  24. I don't know what I really want.
  25. I love british accent.
  26. I love british guys.
  27. I definitely have to go to London.
  28. People can't bear with my mind.
  29. My sister hates me.
  30. But I don't care.
  31. My mum doesn't know who I really am.
  32. I'm so mean.
  33. So are my friends.
  34. Maybe that's why we are friends.
  35. I talk about people.
  36. Don't really think I've been talked about.
  37. I prefer cold to hot weather.
  38. Because I'm already hot.
  39. I wanted to try getting drunk.
  40. I'm not brave enough to do so.
  41. I get my moods up and down.
  42. I shake them with some good sleeps.
  43. I eat like a pregnant pig.
  44. I've gained 3 kilos in the last 8 weeks.
  45. I love pizza and teh tarik.
  46. As well as soto, sate, and milk.
  47. I try to keep the list going until 100.
  48. I run out of idea.
  49. My sister is yelling madly from the next room.
  50. I don't give a shit.
  51. I say I have assignments to do.
  52. Did I say I'm good at lying?
  53. I really have many assignments to do.
  54. I choose to hang out with friends instead.
  55. I live for the present.
  56. Number 55 is a serious statement.
  57. I don't like making plans.
  58. I'm a bad bad planner.
  59. I'm a spontaneous person.
  60. I'm also a deep thinker.
  61. I observe people for my personal satisfaction.
  62. Would love to talk about it to some particular people though.
  63. I love derivatives.
  64. But I suck on that.
  65. I heard that people were talking shit and they didn't think that I would hear it.
  66. Back to number 50.
  67. I can't drink coffee.
  68. It keeps me awake all night long.
  69. I can drink 3 glasses of milk a day.
  70. I wish I was somewhere else.
  71. I'm not being emo.
  72. I really wish I am.
  73. I don't think I have special talents.
  74. I am mediocre.
  75. Even I'm mediocre at being mediocre.
  76. I'm confused of the way the system works.
  77. I don't think good things exist.
  78. I just wish they do.
  79. I wanted to go to music concerts.
  80. I found out that I didn't like the situations of that.
  81. I don't really like being in a crowd.
  82. I'm more a negotiator than a debater.
  83. I'm not an organisation type of person.
  84. I'm an intermediary good.
  85. I can give good advice for people for free.
  86. I like giving advices.
  87. I can't give advice to myself.
  88. Though I'm sure I can predict what people want to say.
  89. When it comes to personal feeling, I write.
  90. I just can't tell people directly.
  91. Or I chat.
  92. I love chatting.
  93. I still think facebook is the best social networking.
  94. I don't like twitter.
  95. I google myself quite a lot because I'm curious what kind of articles would show up.
  96. I wonder if people ever googled me.
  97. I google people too.
  98. I'm supposed to sleep over a friend's house and do some fun now.
  99. I haven't prepared anything.
  100. I'm bored and that's why I made it to 100.

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