I'm a mathematical person, aren't I?

A cup of coffee keeps me awake for 12 hours after the drinking time. Assume if in a cup of coffee there are 10000 drops, I even have the mathematical equation for that:
12 hours / 10000 drops = 720 mins / 10000 drops = 0.072 mins/drops

0.072 mins/drops! Now let's find a comparison. Say for instance, dad. He can sleep right away or at least an hour after drinking coffee. So his mathematical equation is:
1 hour / 10000 drops = 60 mins / 10000 drops = 0.006 mins/drops

In conclusion, coffee works 12 times harder (or even more) on me than it does on him.

I 'found' these brainy equations on stat class, where I was supposed to listen to the lecturer. I never think that I like math more than stat (in fact, I hate both of them), but I couldn't help struggling with my calculator to find these cheesy simple equations. My friend was like 'you're seriously sick' when she found out what I was doing. It's just fun knowing some interesting fact that I know is not important for me and of course others but it's just.. true. Though I know finding this won't make any differences in anyone's lives including mine, I still think I'm awesome :grin:. Or maybe I really am sick.

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