Notice this?

Dear my lovely friend,

I don't like an enemy. Why don't you just come and talk to me in person instead of saying it virtually? You think you have no friends, then why on earth do you treat your 'potential' friend like this? You think I am mean, well I am, but what are you then? You think I don't see my own reflection, well have you? I don't want to say mean things over here, because probably you won't read this (or you will but you won't notice). I don't want to be like you. Let's just find a good time and a good place so that we can have a nice talk and you can burst out everything, literally everything to me. I'm sure it wouldn't be easy but hey, it won't hurt this much.

Your (I don't know what you think I am but I wish we could be, if you don't mind) Friend.

P.S: I'm not mad. I'm just a bit.. disappointed.

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