It's not like I need someone to tell me I'm pretty

When everything seems so hard and you feel like you can't stand it anymore, always remember that the cure of our every problem lies within ourselves.


She hangs out every day near by the beach.
Having a Heineken, falling asleep.
She looks so sexy when she's walking the sand.
Nobody ever put a ring on her hand.

Swim to the ocean shore, fish in the sea.
She is the story, the story is she.
She sings to the moon and the stars in the sky.
Shining from high above, you shouldn't ask why.

She is the one that you never forget.
She is the heaven sent, angel you met.
She must be the reason why God made a girl.
She is so pretty, all over the world.

She puts the rhythm, the beat in the drum.
She comes in the morning, in the evening she's gone.
Every little hour, every second you live,
Thrust in eternity and that's what she gives.

She looks like Marilyn, walks like Suzanne.
She talks like Monica and Marianne.
She wins in everything that she might do,
And she will respect you, forever just you.

She is so pretty!
She is like you and me, like them like we.
She is in you and me.


A couple of years ago (and I just realised that time flies THAT fast that I'm no longer 17), a friend of mine sent me this song. She said that whenever she felt blue, she listens to it. Indeed, it is a very good song. Though I'm not hanging out nearby the beach having heineken falling asleep and I have no idea who Marilyn, Suzanne, and Marianne are, I believe in the bolded part of the lyrics. Funny I can't elaborate it while I surely have something in my mind. The point is, girls, we are pretty. We don't have to be skinny or (pretend to) be the brightest chick or act like someone else. We just have to be ourselves because it's the way we show the world that we have our own uniqueness.

Oh and this is a bit out of the topic. I don't know what's happening, it's either I don't have enough time to write or I run out of idea or I simply have just lost my ability to write (as if I've ever had any..). I reread my recent posts and found that I just wrote one or two-paragraphs long writings. It seems to me that during the day while I'm busy making myself look busy, I have so many things to say. At the time I got all the time to write, they disappeared. I'm sorry for not being sorry to forget things easily because all these things I wanted to say are I think worth reading, but I'm just too busy thinking of other things instead of trying to remember them. So, this is another 2 paragraphs long writing. Enjoy, good night!

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