Rights and obligations

People have the right to live, the right to choose the way they live, the right to die, and the right to choose the way they die.


People aren't made to be classified. Black, white, yellow, red, brown, or even blue are just colours. Islam, Christ, Hindu, Buddha, Atheism, Jewish, or even Eden are just tools to show the gratefulness. Heterosexual or homosexual are just the way to show some love. Who are we to judge which one is good and which is not?

If you think you look better than other people, why don't you try to be better in everything instead of being too proud of what you already have? If you see someone praises Britney Spears as his mighty lord and you get really upset that you want to kill him for being too out of line, why don't you just praise your own Lord and why bother to care? If you think it's not okay to be gay and you start to persuade people to be homophobic, why don't you just show your own way of loving instead? You may have the right to do everything you like, but you absolutely have no right to insult people by judging them. So next time if you see a woman colouring her hair blonde that you think it very much doesn't fit, say nothing. If you see a gay couple kissing and hugging, say nothing. Or if you see a hijabbed woman smoking or drinking, it won't be me but say nothing. We have the right to live peacefully with other people but for that, we are obliged to respect.

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