Sincerely, annoyed sister

"Do you know what happiness means to me? Seeing you and your sister get along together.", Dad.


I've been having fights with my no longer little sister. She's always unlikeable but I have to admit that she'd never been such a b****** like this before. Our biggest fight was two days ago where it ended up I threw things at her (but all of them were missing. darn). For you to notice, I've never been that emotional that I tried to hurt her physically, but that day, she was reaaaaaally annoying. Then sometime around midnight, she asked for a tampon, for the very first time. I guess the fight that night was because of her having her first PMS.

Days after (apparently until today and tomorrow), it doesn't change. She's still the same annoying sister who's always been very sceptical and provocative about good things that happen to me. Few days ago I drove mum's car the clutch of which is so much different with mine, which is very heavy. So because mum's car's clutch is very smooth (that was my alibi. Perhaps I truly am a bad driver), I couldn't drive well because I kind of needed some adjustments. It ended up mum saying the way I drove made her feel sick and at that moment I was quite pissed. And know what's worse? That little annoying thing provoked and made things become worse. And I hated it so much that I ended up being very quiet, my so called style of being cranky.

And today, I got a good news (well, it should be a good news, but I don't know yet) and mum congratulated me. She asked about the whole process and I told her that I beat some other people and said something like 'I know right, that's simply because I'm awesome' in a more joking way. And again, that little thing interrupted with a hater face saying 'you're just lucky, idiot. no, you're not awesome at all.' I was about to be pissed while I heard mum said 'why don't you just admit that you're sister is really awesome?'. Feel like winning the world war II. Lol.

Ok so you may think that I'm a horrible sister. I know I've been one every time I face my little sister. I never like kids but that doesn't mean I cannot be nice. I think I've been a good enough sister for my other siblings. I become like this simply because of her attitudes don't fit me, maybe because we have oh so many things I don't like in common. I just can't stand another me. So if she ever reads this post, it's not that I don't like you. Please, stop trying to be me or be jealous of me. This world doesn't need two annoying bitches.

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