Lesson learned

Success is what you do when you meet failure. And though I'm not successful yet, I'm on my way.


I've told about my recent failure and how I felt about it. I can say that I was very down. I thought everything fell on me, that it's gonna be so hard for the next time to learn harder lessons, that I was very much pissed. And I can't deny that I hoped it was a dream and everything. But I learned something today, that it was an indicator that I am a fixed-minded person who think effort isn't really needed because I think I can just get it, and see failure as a threat instead of a way to try harder.

Oh and by the way, I passed. There was something missing in the process of inputing my score. I knew it because I texted the lecturer for my detail scores and found that my assistance score hadn't been counted. And I texted the assistances, and I got it. The lecturer has promised to change my score in the system. So yeah, I was lucky to be brave enough to ask the lecturer. Can't imagine if I didn't, I'd still be that sad, fixed-minded person I (think I) used to be.

Back to the topic, there was a lecture today about fixed or growth-minded people. Growth-minded is way much better and during the lecture I felt like I got a slap. I'm pretty sure I've been a fixed-minded person, and I for God sake don't like it! I'm not saying that I'm smart or something but, the idea of getting very very down while I meet failure indicates that I am one. I promise myself I'll figure out how to change soon. But I'm glad I've known how it feels to fail without really need to fail, I mean, I finally passed!

And I'm pointing out a good quotation from Benny Wenas here: "work hard, work smart, work intentionally". That's what we really need actually, and "if you can't do what you love, at least love what you do". I started to love that man.

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